Salvation Part 21

I do my best to explain and defend Arminianism. We work through the problems of the TULIP acronym in Calvinism. I also talk through some of the differences between 5 point and 4 point Calvinism. I'll explain what is meant by a Whiskey Calvinist. Quickly look at the destiny of those who have never heard the Gospel and comment on the differences between the "Free Grace" view and the "Lordship Salvation" view.

Salvation Part 10

In our series we need to have an understanding on who has been elected by God and who can be elected. Does God give everyone the opportunity to be saved or is that reserved for only those are chosen.

Big questions I try to answer in just an hour. I don't think I answered them fully enough but, I think I did for us to have a better understanding of why it's necessary to have a grasp on this for our discussion.