Salvation Part 21

I do my best to explain and defend Arminianism. We work through the problems of the TULIP acronym in Calvinism. I also talk through some of the differences between 5 point and 4 point Calvinism. I'll explain what is meant by a Whiskey Calvinist. Quickly look at the destiny of those who have never heard the Gospel and comment on the differences between the "Free Grace" view and the "Lordship Salvation" view.

Salvation Part 19

Salvation Part 19

In this Pit we examine Jacob Arminius and his impact on the Protestant/Reformed movement.  We'll also examine the Arminian Confession of 1621.

Some key points that we look at concerning Justification and baptism are:

* Justification is a merciful, gracious and indeed full remission of all guilt before God to truly repenting and believing sinners, through and because of Jesus Christ, apprehended by true faith, indeed, even more, the liberal and bountiful imputation of faith for righteousness. For indeed in the judgment of God we cannot

Justification Bible Study

Justification Bible Study

Justification is the doctrine that simply tells us what God says about us.  Anything more than that is outside this definition and would probably be found in the doctrine of sanctification.

Faith is defined in two ways in this study.  Fides Qua Creditur & Fides Quae Creditur

Fides Qua Creditur (pronounced fee-des kwah cred-it or) is defined as the faith BY which we believe.  This is the faith that is given to us but not yet exercised by us.  Also this is not a gift that justifies us.  This is the faith that we receive after we have been declared righteous.  This is done because of the faithfulness of Christ and for his sake.

Fides Quae Creditur (pronounced fee-des kw-eye cred-it or) is defined as the faith IN which we believe.  This is the faith that we exercise after having received it.  This is not a gift that justifies us either.  This is the faith that we express because it has been given to us.  This falls under the doctrine of sanctification.  This is faith exercised in response to the faithfulness and work of Christ.

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