Roman Catholic

Salvation Part 10

In our series we need to have an understanding on who has been elected by God and who can be elected. Does God give everyone the opportunity to be saved or is that reserved for only those are chosen.

Big questions I try to answer in just an hour. I don't think I answered them fully enough but, I think I did for us to have a better understanding of why it's necessary to have a grasp on this for our discussion.

Bible Series part 12

We tend to allow our traditions to influence how we understand the bible. Is this the right approach? The Roman Catholic Church is very up front about this in thier belief system but for some reason most Protestant, Reformed, and Restorationist Churches do not. Even going as far to say that tradition has no place.

I find this to be a false claim that is made. It would be like saying that you can be completely objective on any given subject. This is an impossibility. The best we can do is recognize our presuppositions and understand what they are and how they influence us.

To just give lip service to a doctrine is to make yourself feel better in light of the caricature you have created for those you disagree with.

Everyone has a tradition that influences them in regards to the bible. Even and especially Atheists and anti-theists.